Sound and Radiocard
DRIVERS, software and Manuals

Don't know your model number?
If so, read the following section for help determing the model number. 

If you do not find the software drivers for your operating system, the drivers have not been supplied to Zoltrix by the chip set manufacture of the sound card model. Zoltrix does not write or update sound card drivers. You may be able to use generic sound blaster drivers in other operating systems, but you may lose some features.

Radio cards

3D Sound Card Sound Card Identification & unZIPing instructions

How to determine which model you own. (If you lost the original software and manual).

If you lost your original manual and box and do not know what your model sound card you own, you can still determine this information. You must remove the sound card or radio card from the computer and look for the Printed Circuit Board version number. It is printed on the side with all the components. The PCB version begins with AV followed by some numbers on many sound card models. The PCB version on Radio cards and some sound cards do not begin with AV and may vary from model to model. Refer to the PCB version numbers displayed after the model name in brackets in the tables above and match it up to what you find on your board.

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